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Thank you for finding me! Here are some galleries to order prints from. If you have seen a picture of mine on social media and would like a print, but don't see it here, contact me at [email protected], and I can add it!

Also, if you are in the Twin Cities area, you can see selected photos available at Rose and Loon ( in Rosedale Center! Stop by when you can!


Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from over the years. Take a look around and see if my style fits with what you are looking for. I’d love to work with you.
Abbey Wall  Grafitti on the wall at Abbey Road Studios in Londonjpg

Paris Streets  Middle of the road on Rue de Monttessuy in Parisjpg

London and Paris

Pictures from my recent trip to London and Paris
Top Of London  The top of the Shard Tower in Londonjpg

Sunflower Sunrise  A sun rises over a sunflower fieldjpg


Did you love something you saw at a Craft or Art show? You will probably find it here.
Goat Album Cover  Goats on Jackson Lake Island in Alabamajpg


Goats, Ducks, Seagulls, etc
Split Rock Smoke  Sea smoke behind Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesotajpg

North Shore

Pictures of Duluth, MN and along HIghway 61

Yellowstone Colors  The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstonejpg

National Parks

National Parks around the USA
Sunrise in the Trees  Sunrise over Crex Meadows in Wisconsinjpg

Sunrise and Sunset

Nature's colorful times
Monochrome IDS  The IDS Center in Minneapolisjpg

Twin Cities

Around the Minneapolis/St Paul area

Bird Watcher  Taken Near Big Horn Medicine Wheeljpg


The simple pictures
Reflections In The Trees  A full moon reflects off of Lake Superiorjpg

Night Sky

Darkness brings out the light
Beached  A beached log on the pacific ocean in Washingtonjpg


These didn't quite fit in the categories above, but I love them.

Acid River  A river in Yellowstones Norris Geyser Basinjpg